Restaurant Laundry Service

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Whether you run a five star restaurant or a corner bakery you will have stains and spills on your linens. Food and drink stains are inevitable. Fortunately the expert launderers at Soap's Laundry are prepared to take on whatever you have to throw at them. They will do their absolute best to get your table clothes, linen napkins, and towels looking like new. Make sure that your restaurant looks clean and professional at all times - let us take care of your laundry. 

We will pick up your laundry on a scheduled basis or as needed. Just let us know what you need and we will work around your schedule. The price of commercial laundry depends on the type of laundry, how often you would like us to pick up and the quantity of the laundry. Call for a bid: 732-217-1749 or email: