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Laundry Pickup & Delivery Service Throughout Monmouth County

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Laundry day has never been easier! Order directly from your phone with 3 easy steps.

  1. Press "Schedule a Pickup"
  2. Fill in your name and address
  3. Fill in the date you want the laundry delivery service
Pickup &
Delivery Service
Per Pound

$35 Minimum Order

Your dirty laundry will be picked up, washed, dried, folded and delivered the next day. Our laundry pickup service is available Monday - Friday9am-5pm

Our "as needed" customers pay $1.90 lb. or sign up for our weekly/bi-weekly service and pay only $1.85 lb. There is a $35 minimum order for all customers.

Our team of friendly laundry experts take special care in accommodating your personal laundry requests. Your clothing is washed and dried completely separate from all other orders to ensure the highest quality because at Soap's there's nothing more important to us than your laundry. We'll fold them or hang them wrapped in plastic and deliver them to your door.


- Please be sure to empty your pockets before handing your laundry over to us!

- Pre-treat stains

- Select whether you want fabric softener and/or dryer sheets or oxi-clean

- Send your clothes pre-sorted and we'll wash, dry and fold accordingly - just add your notes to your preferences

Imagine life without the burden of laundry day. Try our laundry delivery service today!